Cardiff Field Class

Year 2 – ENVS 280

The Cardiff field class provides practical experience and training in designing, executing, analysing, writing-up and presenting a field research project. Students gain practical experience of quantitative and qualitative techniques, and to critically reflect on the effectiveness and ethics of different methods. Students also develop team-working and communication skills through conduct of group research projects and field presentations. The module provides core skills that are important to analysing the world, but also are crucial preparation for the dissertation research process at Year 3. 

The module forms part of a suite of similar modules providing research training for Year 2 BA students, but research and guidance is tailored to the specific city. In Cardiff, students have studied: the impact of devolution on the economy of Cardiff; sport, particularly rugby, and Welsh national identity; regional development and urban regeneration in the Cardiff city-region, and; de-industrialisation and community identity.