Single Cell Analysis

Single Cell Genomics Laboratory

Single-cell genomics is an exciting and emerging field, enabling researchers to analyse the genomic content of individual cells without the need for prior cultivation. 

Unparalleled Flexibility

The new Single Cell Genomics Laboratory (SCGL), an extension of the CGR, is now offering a complete solution for single cell analysis of both microbial and eukaryotic samples.‌

With access to the Fluidigm C1 single-cell auto-prep system, the Sony SH800Z cell sorter and the Zeiss laser microdissection microscope with PALM microbeam, individual cells can be isolated with precision from virtually any starting material including:

  • environmental heterogeneous populations
  • primary cells from clinical procedures
  • live cells in culture
  • archived material e.g. cryosections, FFPE (formalin fixed and paraffin embedded) tissue.

Applications include:

  • whole genome and targeted genetic analysis
  • complete transcriptome analysis incl. differential expression analysis of mRNA and miRNA and variant detection
  • epigentics
  • surveying heterogeneity
  • novel cell population discovery.

Unrivalled Capabilities and Support

The SCGL combines a wide range of cutting-edge technologies with associated expertise. We can support you through the entire process, from initial project scoping and design, platform selection, sample preparation and processing, through to data analysis, interpretation and publication.

Peace of Mind Assured

Equipped with a range of complementary robotic liquid handlers from Tecan, TTP Labtech and Beckman Coulter, the Centre has high-throughput and low volume automation capabilities, enabling:

  • efficient, cost-saving assay miniaturisation
  • improved precision and accuracy
  • safe-guarding against cross-contamination.

The Centre is also furnished with a clean room for single-cell nucleic acid preparation ensuring sample integrity is preserved.