Sequence Capture

Sequence Capture

Sequence capture technology allows targeted enrichment of specific regions of a genome such as an entire exome. This, in concert with NGS, provides an efficient strategy for high-throughput screening of regions of interest, facilitating the identification and characterisation of physiologically relevant variants. As such, sequence capture is a cost effective alternative to whole genome sequencing.

The CGR is a Certified Service Provider for:

Agilent SureSelect
KAPA Hyper Plus and KAPA HyperExome

These enrichment systems for targeted capture enable accurately:

  • SNP calling
  • insertion/deletion (InDel) or insertion/deletion polymorphism (DIP) calling,
  • copy number variation and structural rearrangement analysis
  • analysis of insertion sites of mobile or viral DNA elements.


  • target a region of interest
  • high level of specificity and uniformity of data
  • improved coverage in repetitive regions
  • time and cost savings.