Frequently asked questions

I would like to make use of the services offered by the CGR. How do I start/who do I contact?

The best way to contact us is via our online enquiry form. If you prefer to speak to somebody at the Centre then you can call our Centre Manager, Kathryn Jackson on 01517958303.

How do I know which platform I should use?

We don’t expect you to know exactly what each of the different platforms can offer so are here to guide and advise you. Some people have an idea about which platform they feel would be most suitable for their projects but many do not. If you tell us what your project requirements are then we can suggest the most suitable option(s).

How do I know exactly which application I should be using?

If you are unsure about the different applications and which are most suitable for your project, simply contact us with your data requirements and we can explain the different options and guide you towards a decision.

What information do you need from me?

Try to provide us with as much detail as possible so that we can be sure we are providing the most suitable solution for you. This includes the sample organism, starting material, data requirements, source of funding, budget and any deadlines that we should be aware of.

What sample material do I need to provide?

The type and amount of material required will depend on exactly which application you have selected. The details of our sample requirements for each application can be found on our technical resources page.

How much of the sample prep do I do?

We normally accept DNA or RNA samples so you would normally be required to perform the extractions yourself. If you require any help or guidance with this then do contact us.

We can accept samples at any stage after extraction so can work to your requirements.

How much of the sample prep will you do?

We can do as much or as little of the sample prep as you require following extraction.

For amplicon projects we are happy to do the amplicon generation and pooling but will also accept pooled amplicon samples.

For other sequencing projects we can do library preparations or accept pre-prepared libraries. We do our own quality control prior to sequencing.

How long will it take to receive my data?

We do not guarantee turn around times as we handle many bespoke projects so it can be difficult to predict. However, we aim to complete projects within 12 weeks and normally projects are completed before that.

If samples do not pass our quality control then projects can experience delays so if you require a more accurate timeframe then we will able to provide this once the samples have passed QC.

If you have a specific deadline then please make us aware of this as soon as possible so we can do our best to accommodate you.

How do I include your services on a grant proposal?

If you require a quote for a grant proposal then indicate this on the enquiry form or if you would like to discuss the options available with us, please contact out Centre Manager, Kathryn Jackson on 01517958303

If you are NERC funded then you should read our guidelines on our NERC-NBAF page.

If you have included our services on a grant proposal then do contact us again once the grant has been awarded to discuss the project again as the options available may have changed and we may be able to offer you an alternative to that originally quoted for.

How will I receive my data?

Data can be made available for download via a secure FTP site or can be provided on an encrypted hard drive. If you have asked for any additional analysis, you will also receive a written report with the results of your data analysis.

How secure is my data?

We take all necessary precautions to ensure that data generated at the CGR is safe and secure.

How do I know what level of bioinformatic support to ask for?

Many people are unsure exactly how much bioinformatic support they may require so we recommend that you read through our Analysis page for some examples of different types of analysis that may be of interest.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements at any point.

What if I want further data analysis?

If you would like any additional analysis performing after the completion of a project then do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Why should I work with the CGR rather than a commercial service provider?

One of the main strengths of the CGR is our ability and willingness to provide tailor-made solutions. We can support you from initial project scoping and writing grant proposals though to sample prep, data generation, and analysis and interpretation.

Our relationship with clients is more akin to an academic collaborator than a service provider, however, if you do not require this kind of individual solution, we can provide a more simple service.