Next generation sequencing

At the CGR we provide access to all major next generation and 3rd generation sequencing platforms, offering a wide range of applications.

We have instruments from three manufacturers, offering users a choice of platforms. This enables solutions to be tailored according to specific project requirements.

High-throughput, short read NGS platforms:

    • Illumina HiSeq 2500 and 4000.

Medium-throughput NGS platforms:

    • Illumina MiSeq

3rd Generation, single molecule platforms:

    • Pacific Biosciences RS II
    • Pacific Biosciences Sequel.



At the CGR, we have 4 Illumina next generation sequencers; two MiSeq personal sequencers, one HiSeq 2500 and one HiSeq 4000.

The MiSeq is an integrated bench top sequencer. It features significantly faster cycle times allowing small projects to be completed quickly at a lower cost. The‌ MiSeq delivers high precision variant detection and is suitable for small-scale projects such as amplicon or small genome sequencing.

The HiSeq instruments enable the largest and most complex sequencing studies at the lowest cost. The ability to process larger numbers of samples and to decode larger and more complex genomes means that virtually any sequencing project is now within reach. The HiSeq 2500 has two run modes; high-throughput and rapid while the HiSeq 4000 offers unsurpassed capacity.



The PacBio platforms provide the highest consensus accuracy and longest read lengths of any available sequencing technology.The Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) sequencing technology  is ideal for de novo assembly, characterisation of genetic variation, methylation analysis, microbiology studies, and more.

The Sequel System provides higher throughput, more scalability compared to the PacBio® RS II System, while maintaining the benefits of SMRT technology

The CGR is a certified service provider for Illumina and PacBio.