At the CGR we provide access to all major sequencing and array platforms, offering a wide range of applications, with complementary advice, informatics and analytical processing of data. The CGR’s status as a reference site often facilitates access to the latest technology prior to general release.

Next Generation Sequencing

Genomic data are at the heart of a multitude of biological and medical research areas.

The development of NGS technology enabled genome-scale sequencing projects to be undertaken at a fraction of the time and cost of previous technologies. This sequencing revolution has unlocked the potential for new lines of research whilst revitalising existing projects. 

NGS technologies still represent a substantial investment to individual labs and require a great deal of technical and bioinformatic expertise. As a dedicated Centre offering all major platforms, the CGR enables researchers to access the very latest technologies as well as established platforms. We facilitate best practices to ensure individual clients receive the maximum return on their investment.

The CGR offers access to technologies from:

  • Illumina
  • Pacific Biosciences

This choice enables solutions to be tailored according to individual project requirements. As each system boasts its own merits, we can guide you to choose the most suitable platform for your individual project. Will we discuss these options with you at the outset. 

The CGR is a certified service provider for Illumina.

Sequence Capture for Targeted Enrichment

The CGR offers sequence capture techniques to enrich specific genomic regions prior to high-throughput sequencing.

Such enrichments enable the capture of regions corresponding to complete genome loci such as capture of whole exomes. This facilitates analysis of variants (e.g. SNPs and INDELs) in a statistically relevant number of samples.

The CGR is a certified service provider for both the Agilent SureSelect and NimbleGen capture platforms.


The CGR has extensive experience in microarrays. We have consequently developed state-of-the-art array facilities, services and informatic systems to address the requirements of current research. Arrays are an effective and efficient way of conducting expression profiling assays for quantification of expression levels of known transcripts.

The NanoString® nCounter® Analysis System is also available at the CGR, offering our clients complementary expression analysis solutions.

Single Cell Analysis

The new Single Cell Genomics Laboratory (SCGL), an extension of the CGR, is now offering a complete solution for single cell analysis of both microbial and eukaryotic samples.

Our technologies enable researchers to analyse the genomic content of individual cells from virtually any starting material without the need for prior cultivation.


The rapidly expanding demand for NGS and the evolution of higher throughput sequencing technologies have created an increasing gap between the capacity for library preparation and the throughput of the sequencing instruments.

The CGR has addressed this by implementing automated protocols using a range of iquid handling robotic systems from Tecan, TTP Labtech and Beckman Coulter for library construction and enrichment on all sequencing platforms, enabling:

  • efficient, cost-saving assay miniaturisation
  • improved precision and accuracy
  • safe-guarding against cross-contamination.