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The CGR acts as one of five nodes of the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility (NBAF) to handle high-throughput sequencing and gene expression profiling and metagenomics projects.

NERC generally prefers projects to be handled through NBAF as NBAF has expertise in environmental genomics and hence can provide a reliable service to the specific requirements of projects in the NERC remit. NBAF-Liverpool operates on a pay-as-you-go basis.

CGR will assist you from the experimental design to the cost generation for your NERC and NBAF grant application. In a NERC grant proposal you can include the cost related to data generating or data analysis, please contact us before the deadline (preferably four weeks before) so we can provide advice on experimental design according to your requirements. We will then provide you with a quote that should be uploaded with your proposal on JeS. You should indicate on JeS that you are using a NERC facility and include the costs given in our quote as a single item in your consumables heading.

Once your grant is awarded, these facility costs will be held by NERC and set against your award. It is worthwhile at this point contacting the CGR again, since technologies may have moved on and there may be a more effective way to meet (or exceed) your objectives within the budget or you may wish to change your experimental design.

The final piece of paperwork is to submit an NBAF application form to use the facility and to release the funds for this component of your project. In most cases this a formality and the original case for support can be attached to the form and, if appropriate, a few lines of text indicating any changes. Please note that this process may take a couple of months; the deadlines for submission to the NBAF Steering Committee with expected outcome dates are available via the NBAF website.

At any stage, please contact either Kathryn Jackson or Steve Paterson who will be happy to help.