Genomic Applications


Centre Capabilities

In an increasingly dynamic marketplace for next generation sequencing, the CGR provides excellence in data generation, analysis and biological interpretation, all in a collaborative and flexible environment. 

We offer standard and tailor-made solutions. Our service capabilities include:

DNA Sequencing

  • de novo genome sequencing for applications where there is no published reference sequence for the genome of interest
  • whole genome and targeted re-sequencing for applications where there is a published reference sequence for the genome of interest with the option to apply sequence capture technologies to investigate specific regions of a genome
  • SNP, INDEL and mutation genotyping to identify variants across a genome
  • base modification detection to identify locations of adenine and cytosine methylation, and report methyltransferase recognition motifs.

Metagenomics and Metagenetics

Investigating uncultured, heterogeneous microbial populations sampled directly from their natural habitats to produce a profile of diversity within an environmental sample. This includes:

  • 16S and 18S metagenetic analysis
  • whole metagenome sequencing
  • metatranscriptome sequencing.

Transcriptome Profiling and Gene Regulation

Regulome analysis for research into regulatory cellular components. This includes:

  • miRNA sequencing, enabling discovery and profiling of small, non-coding micro RNAs
  • ChIPSeq, combining chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with next generation sequencing technologies for the identification of all genomic regions associated with a specific DNA-protein interaction across an entire genome, without the need for prior knowledge of the precise DNA binding sites
  • methylome analysis, characterising the methylation status of DNA for studies into the role of methylation in the regulation of gene expression
  • expression profiling by microarray for quantification of expression levels of known transcripts.

Expression profiling and transcriptome analysis of both coding and non-coding RNA including:

  • RNA re-sequencing
  • de novo RNA sequencing
  • splicing isoform detection
  • allele-specific expression
  • digital gene expression (DGE).

Sequence Capture

Applications of enrichment technologies for targeted re-sequencing of:

  • whole exomes
  • specific regions of interest.

The CGR is a certified service provider for both Agilent SureSelect and NimbleGen SeqCap EZ.

Single Cell Analysis

Enabling researchers to analyse the genomic content of individual cells without the need for prior cultivation.

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Working With Us

The CGR is a not-for-profit venture, run on a cost-recovery basis.

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