We provide expertise in genome informatics, expression profiling, high-performance computing and data management. Our specialists have generated in-house pipelines and tools in addition to the publicly available provisions to:

  • assess data quality
  • generate de novo genome/transcriptome assemblies
  • identify variants (SNPs, small insertions and deletions) in re-sequencing projects
  • detect differentially expressed transcripts and splice isoforms
  • assess species diversity within communities and populations. 

Our analysts will also collaborate with clients on bespoke projects as required. All raw data and results can be downloaded from a secure web link.

Selecting the level of informatic support required

If it is your first genomic research project, it can be difficult to know what informatic support may be required. We encourage our clients to discuss their potential requirements with us at the outset but we can also provide additional analysis after a project has been completed. Please contact us if you would like to discuss data analysis options.