CGR office

Collaborative Services

The Centre has a proven track record in a diverse range of research fields; from viruses and pathogens to cancer genomics and human genetics.

State-of-the-art Facilities

We provide cost-effective access to all major high-throughput next generation and 3rd generation sequencing and array platforms. We offer a wide range of applications, with complementary informatics and analytical processing of data.

Research Support

To ensure projects reach their full potential, we will support you throughout the entire lifespan of your project. Our assistance extends to:

  • initial scoping discussions
  • project definition
  • grant and proposal writing
  • sample preparation
  • library preparation
  • sequence production 
  • analysis and interpretation of data.

Once initiated, project progress can be monitored via an externally accessible laboratory information system (LIMS) or through direct interaction with Centre staff.