R for beginners – An introduction course

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The Computational biology facility and the Centre for Genomic Research will host a workshop to introduce R to users who have no previous experience.

R for beginners – An introduction course

11th to 13th of September 2019 at the University of Liverpool 

  • Registration for the next R for beginners course! As in previous iterations in this 3 full day course we will cover an assortment of topics toDay 1: foundations of R: get familiar with R, R studio, operators, variables, functions, directories and the script editor
  • Day 2: visualisation in  basic R (boxplots, scatterplots, line graphs and  histograms) and ggplot2 (same types of plots and also manipulation of data for use within this package as well as simple linear regression)
  • Day 3: Introduction to statistical analyses in R: univariate statistics (choosing the right test, checking data assumptions, calculating and extracting the values to report in publications) and Principal Component Analysis (calculation and visualisation with ggplot2)
  • Extra materials: Introduction to the Tidyverse

The course has been designed to introduce R from the very basics. Therefore applicants do not need any prior experience to attend, just the desire to learn R. Real life examples with bioinformatic applications are included.

As always places are limited. Resgistration can be completed by filling this form.



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