About the Friends

Who are the Friends?

Membership of the Friends is open to anyone who wishes to support higher education, to staff of the University both present and retired, to students, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, to alumni and anyone who has an interest in the University whether or not they have a formal connection with it but who are interested in it, believe it is good for the city and value scholarship and research.

Who runs the Friends and how?

There is a Friends Committee which meets four times a year. The Committee oversees the management of Friends affairs and finances, considers grant applications, makes awards, and receives reports on the Newsletter and on events.

The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the University is held in the summer, usually in conjunction with the Convocation AGM. The committee reports to the AGM, which also elects the committee for the following year. It hears the committee report on its work and elects representatives to it. It is normally followed by a dinner to which all Friends are welcome.