Transport Services

The transport team offer a wide variety of services. Requests are made to the FM helpdesk via telephone or email on 0151 794 3000 ext. 43000 or

Among the many duties we perform, are the safe removal, relocation and recycling of all office furniture and lab equipment on or off site. We have a surplus furniture store which has a stock of varying items of office furniture. This stock is available to all departments to claim and have delivered with no charges attached. We also have poster boards available for hire at no charge.

If possible, we can also provide a service offsite for delivery/collection of large or bulky items unable to be sent via the mail system. This service is provided subject to availability.

Our services are available to all departments, including Halls of Residence, Leahurst and Ness Gardens.

Amongst our regular duties, we deliver cleaning stores every Wednesday morning to designated buildings on the campus, according to the cleaning team requirements. On Thursday mornings we work alongside the Records Management team to collect confidential waste from departments ready for shredding and destroying. We also safeguard the University’s graduation bespoke furniture, which we deliver and collect for the ceremonial weeks.