Lost and Found


Any property that is found and given to a Campus Support Officer or handed in to the Campus Support office is stored for a maximum of 60 days.

If you have lost any property on University campus, please call us on 0151 794 3252 or visit Bedford House as soon as possible.

Student or Staff Cards

If your card has been lost, stolen, damaged, is faulty or has incorrect data on it then you may request a replacement.

Staff can request a new card via tulip or by telephoning 0151 794 3216.

Lost student ID cards (and stolen cards without Police Crime Report paperwork) should be requested using our online payment service. A fee of £5.00 is charged for production of a replacement card.

Please remember that if your card has been lost or stolen then it is your responsibility to report this to the Campus Support Services admin team on 0151 794 3216 immediately. This will ensure that your lost or stolen card can be blocked and prevent unauthorised use.