Building access outside of your normal working hours

If you require access in to a building outside of your normal working hours, please contact the Campus Support team on 0151 794 3252 and we will attend to give you access.

We will endeavor to attend as soon as we possibly can and we will require that we view your staff or student card before allowing entry.

If you are working outside of normal hours and would like to use the chaperone service please contact the Campus Support team on  0151 794 3252.

Broken, Lost or stolen staff cards

If your staff card has stopped working please contact the Campus Support admin team on 0151 794 3216 or visit the Ground floor of Bedford House, Oxford Street. 

Staff can request a new card via tulip or by telephoning 0151 794 3216.

If your card is thought to be lost or stolen, you most contact the admin team immediately to ensure the card can not be used by unauthorised persons.