Coronavirus Update



Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update  1st March 2021

The Equine Hospital continues to provide veterinary services for our referring veterinary surgeons and their clients. We are working to safeguard animal health and welfare in accordance with guidance by the RCVS, the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) and the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and we are regularly reviewing any updates in the guidance.

BEVA's current advice is that no equine veterinary procedure is automatically "off limits". As such, we are currently increasing the services we provide as we work towards the “new normal” but we will continue to take steps to ensure the safety of all of our staff, clients, their horses and the population as a whole. 

This means, prior to clients attending the hospital, a risk assessment will be performed. Please do not be put off by this – we are performing risk assessments including asking questions about the health of the person bringing the horse and about the horse’s behaviour around vets. We will ask horse owners to confirm that the person bringing the horse is not ill or self-isolating at the time of booking all appointments.

The main features of our risk assessment are: 

  • Only one person should be bringing the horse to us 
  • The horse-owner must be willing to leave the horse with hospital staff for veterinary examination and treatment and understand that visiting is not allowed 
  • The person bringing the horse in must not be ill (no cough or fever or loss of the sense of taste or smell), isolating or shielding (over 70, pregnant or had a letter from the NHS telling you to shield yourself) 
  • The person bringing the horse in must not have been in contact with others who have been ill in the past 7-14 days. 
  • We need to know of any behavioural quirks the horse might have so we can handle him/her safely.

Our vets may call the referring vet or horse-owners before your appointment to obtain further information about your horse and obtain a clinical history, as well as to provide a financial estimate. This is to reduce the amount of time they are in close contact with the person bringing the horse in. Please ensure you provide a correct mobile number when booking your appointment and have your mobile switched on and be ready to answer a call the day of your appointment. 

For planned visits, please expect to be asked to fill in both a consent form and financial consent form and send it back electronically where at all possible prior to arriving at the hospital.

We will also ask for payment by phone where possible. 
Please be aware that although we are available to take referrals in all cases where this can be done safely, there may still be some delays or last-minute changes in appointments or planned procedures. This is due to the fact that some procedures will take longer due to social distancing and with reduced staffing, if some procedures require two or more of the veterinary team, other procedures may have to be delayed. Please bear with us and our reception team who will ensure you are looked after as soon as we can safely do so. This also means that our waiting times in order for non-urgent cases to be seen may well be longer than usual.

If you are the person bringing a horse to the hospital, please call our reception team on arrival (0151 7946041) and wait in your vehicle until our vets arrive to meet you. Please maintain a 2m distance from all staff at all times. 

If you are a referring vet, please be aware that we are accepting referrals and we are here to support you as much as possible. Please see our Coronavirus information page for referring vets here.