Iridium wire therapy

The Philip Leverhulme Equine hospital is one of the few centres in the UK to offer iridium wire therapy (interstitial brachytherapy) for horses.

This is the gold standard intervention for tumours than cannot be removed or treated with conventional methods, such as sarcoids around the eye.

By implanting radioactive Iridium192 wires into the tumour, high radiation doses can be delivered to the site over a number of days while minimising damage to surrounding tissue.

Our team carefully assesses the number of wires required and then places them under standing sedation and local anaesthetic.

Due to the local emission of radiation, treated horses must be cared for in a closely monitored isolation box for 7 – 10 days, while the wires are in place. There is no residual radiation once the wires are removed.

The procedure has a 98% success rate in peri-ocular sarcoid cases and leaves minimal scarring and eyelid disruption.