Ultromex - Bhavik Mehta

Ultromex has developed a process for recovering aluminium and salt from what is currently a hazardous aluminium smelting waste stream. The remaining solids, non-metallic particles or ‘NMP’, can be made non-hazardous or inert using Ultromex’s technology. However, rather than landfill, Ultromex seeks to process and place the NMP in the most appropriate ‘value adding’ industry. This complete material reuse is the holy grail of aluminium smelting worldwide with circa 1 million tonnes of slag being generated each year. Ultromex has already identified some basic applications but further work is needed to develop marketable product specifications together with the required chemical process adjustments. Following this initial work the project plans to develop an industry standard for modelling and optimising NMP products for the aluminium industry which will have the potential to increase material use. The aluminium recovery process alone will stand to achieve CO2e savings of 240.4 tonnes CO2e per year and, given Ultromex’s ambitions, over 2000 tonnes CO2e within 5 years.