Q-Technologies – Tom FIldes

This project enables various industries to better target resources to reduce carbon emissions by monitoring emissions. Through enabling accurate carbon isotope measurement in the field rather than off-site, decisions are made quicker reducing operational carbon impacts and carbon costs of transporting and laboratory analysis are also reduced. Quantitative analysis of environmental samples is currently only possible using various ex-situ methods that involve extensive sample preparation including extraction, separation, and derivatisation. 

By using a portable miniature mass spectrometer system in-situ, however, Q-tech’s clients will be able to analyse samples in-situ in a few seconds with no sample preparation.  Examples of this are monitoring and control of potential environmental emissions such as biogenic hydrocarbon gases, which are overwhelmingly (≥ 99%) methane, from landfill and assisting oil and gas operations to analyse carbon isotopes which helps them to determine appropriate targeted drilling as well as geological implications. In the US alone, around 100 million tonnes CO2e arise from oil and gas production alone.