Farm Urban – Laurence Anderson

Aquaponics is a soil free intensive agriculture system combining elements of aquaculture and hydroponics, reducing inputs and waste, while providing high volumes of fish and vegetables. Aquaponics, at the domestic and community level, has the potential to massively reduce transport related carbon costs and promotes food supply resilience.  Agriculture is responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the UK, more than 10% of water use and over two thirds of UK land is currently under agricultural use. Despite 82% of the population living in urban areas, almost all food is grown outside of cities and transported in, with associated costs and emissions due to transport, storage, packaging and wastage en-route. This project will develop Farm Urban’s aquaponics products and technologies to determine the best practice for conducting aquaponics in a range of environments; facilitate growing in local communities and schools, small scale commercial systems within cafes and restaurants, and larger scale commercial enterprises.