Current LCEI PhD Projects

LCEI works with SMEs in Liverpool City Region from a variety of sectors and industries. From aluminium smelting to biotechnology; from maker spaces to safari parks, creating innovative low carbon goods, processes and services. Our collaborative approach partners companies with leading university academics, researchers and students to make a real difference in their industry, in the region and across the world. 

We work with local SMEs through focusing on their specific challenges and identify opportunities for them to benefit from low carbon development and support. This collaborative research and development approach brings benefits in profitability and strategic decision making for the businesses and economic and environmental benefits for the city region and beyond. 

We have several years’ experience in delivering this and similar programmes, such as the award-winning Centre for Global Eco-Innovation, bringing millions of pounds of benefit to the economy, increasing the effectiveness of businesses, and increasing employment in a variety of sectors in addition to reducing carbon emissions by tens of thousands of tonnes. 

The LCEI encourages research, innovation and knowledge transfer through offering businesses direct access to leading research and development across a range of Schools in the University of Liverpool as well as Liverpool John Moores University and Lancaster University. This unique approach opens-up facilities and expertise for companies to exploit, enabling SMEs in Liverpool City Region to seize a competitive advantage. 

We are currently funding a number of PhD projects across our campus. Click on the links below for a brief description of the project.

5DHPGRajvinder Kaur

CAL InternationalHesam Maleki

Coastal EngineeringOliver Billson

CSolsKai Ni

Egg HomesAbdelaziz Shalaby

Farm UrbanLaurence Anderson

Halliday - Kellys Sikabbwele

International Pheromone Systems - Iris Wagner

Knowsley SafariTom Johnston

LabmotiveJosh Alcock

Marlan Maritime TechnologySamantha Godfrey

Q-TechnologiesTom FIldes

Dendrite LabsMahdi Seify

Ultromex - Bhavik Mehta

Urban SplashIona Campbell

Mersey Fair AirLuke Evans

MM SensorsPhilip Knight

LPW TechnologyRobert Williams

FUEdFrancis Baumont