Previous/Current Collaborations

Below is a selection of some of the support that we have offered through the LCEI grant. 

Bean Coffee Ltd – Identify and reduce perishable product wastage and identify problems and drawbacks in current process and information systems.

Green Motion Car and Van rental – Develop a social media strategy to increase market share and improve carbon footprint through increased use of sustainable vehicles.

Urban Aqua-Tech Ltd – Development of simplified system management system to monitor and improve the efficiency of an aquaponics system.

Recycling Lives Ltd – Investigation of innovative uses for CRT waste glass cullet as an aggregate substitute in sustainable precast concrete products.

Franklin Energy – Improve current marketing strategies and increase the uptake of EV charging points in the region.

E-Sign (UK) Ltd – Investigate impact of digital document management processes with the Legal, Accountancy and Sales and Lettings industries.

Peloton Liverpool – Identify, cost and implement a low carbon solution to powering cycling hubs within Liverpool.

Extreme Low Energy Ltd – Investigating the implementation and deployment of ELe off-grid cabins in sub-Saharan Africa.

Seaweed Alchemy Ltd – Compilation of project initiation documents using process evaluation and critical inquiry approaches to describe the potential economic, social and natural benefits.

Radwraps Ltd – Lab-based testing of company radiator wraps to determine efficiency and carbon benefits compared to standard radiator.

Inclusive Designs Ltd – Develop proof of concept and prototyping of solid state cooling technology system

Cubic3 Ltd – Improve company compliance with EN ISO:9000 and EN ISO:9001 standards to increase predicted business opportunities and reduce waste.

Lancashire Wildlife Trust – Mapping different habitat sites using QGIS to better inform strategic decisions for improved management.