Dr Saad Bhatti PhD

Research Associate Geography and Planning


    Personal Statement

    Dr Saad Saleem Bhatti is affiliated with the Department of Geography and Planning as a Research Associate. He is connected to the field of geoinformatics since 11 years, including around 7 years of teaching and research experience at the University of Cambridge, UK, Remote Sensing and GIS Field of Study, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and Institute of Geographical Information Systems, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan. His research interests include multi-disciplinary applications of remote sensing and GIS techniques, spatio-temporal analysis and mapping, image processing, interpretation and analysis, and simulation modeling. His present activities revolve around:

    > mapping and analysing the urbanization and geographies of inequalities in South Africa;
    > developing remote sensing based approaches for delineation and assessment of urbanization;
    > spatio-temporal analyses of infrastructure and socioeconomic inequalities; and
    > conducting research in other relevant and multi-disciplinary areas.

    Dr Bhatti also worked on multi-scale modeling of urban growth to examine the future implications of urbanization on quality of life. He has been involved in a variety of research studies related to the applications of geospatial techniques in the fields of urban studies, hydrology, droughts, and natural hazards and disasters management with particular focus on the use of remote sensing data.

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