Photo of Dr Nick Bearman

Dr Nick Bearman BSc, MSc, PhD, FRGS CGeog (GIS), AHEA

Honorary Lecturer Geography and Planning


Personal Statement

Chartered Geographer (GIS), Fellow of Royal Geographical Society (RGS) and Associate Member of Higher Education Authority, with 6 years’ experience. Advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) knowledge, working with Big Data.

Currently, using Big Data to work on leveraging the spatial cloud tools made recently available to estimate individual level of CO2 emissions linked to the school commute using data from a variety of sources. Modelling home to school travel routes across a variety of modes (including walking, cycle, car, bus, train, tram, tube). Experimental use of novel methods to communicate spatial data including the use of sound and cartograms.

Using QGIS and programming to create the interfaces - Google Maps API, JavaScript, MySQL/PHP, Python and GeoDa. Teaches GIS at Graduate and Post-Graduate level.

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