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Dr Leonie Robinson B.Sc.(Hons), P.hD.

Lecturer in Marine Biology Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


    My teaching interests are primarily associated with marine ecology, man's use of the marine environment and methodologies for studying, reporting on and advising on both applied and pure marine ecology issues. In particular, they include: the biodiversity of marine life and how this is expressed through the different forms and functions that marine animals represent; how marine communities are structured, the methodologies required to study this and how to interpret man's influence on this; the main anthropogenic activities that have effects on the marine environment with particular reference to fisheries and other activities that cause physical disturbance of the seafloor. I also have teaching interests concerning the history, development of and contemporary methods available for managing marine ecosystems.

    Modules for 2022-23

    Dissertation (Geography & Environmental Science)

    Module code: ENVS321

    Role: Teaching


    Module code: ENVS471

    Role: Teaching