Photo of Dr Jackie Kendrick

Dr Jackie Kendrick Ph.D, FYAE

Research Associate Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


Volcanology & Natural Hazards

• Field-guide for post-graduate field school “Natural Hazards”, California in conjunction with the Tectonics Study Group (2017)
• Field-guide for post-graduate and academic field trip “lava domes and flows” in California (2017)
• Module co-leader and course writer “Introduction to Volcanology” for the general public, Continuing Education, Liverpool (2016)
• Short-course content designer and presenter “Thermal imaging methods” Workshops on Volcanoes, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (2015)
• Designed and delivered short course “Multiphase magma rheology and experimentation in volcanology” LMU Munich (2012)

Geology & Resources

• Lecturer and content co-designer, Continuing Professional Development course for A-level Geology teachers, UoL (2017-2018)
• Demonstrator for Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology labs, UoL (2017-2018)
• Demonstrator, field supervisor and assessor for 1st Yr. Geology field school Pembrokeshire “Introductory methods” UoL (2017 & 2018)
• Demonstrator, field supervisor and assessor for 1st Yr. course “Introduction to Geology for Civil Engineers” UoL (2013-2017)
• Field-guide for 3rd Yr. Structural mapping in Nisyros Caldera, Greece (2014)
• Teaching Assistant (DAAD) for the Master level “Petrophysics”, LMU Munich (2011-2013)

Media & Outreach

Blogs (selected)

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