Photo of Dr Jackie Kendrick

Dr Jackie Kendrick Ph.D

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


Personal Statement

I am a field and experimental volcanologist with particular interest in dome-building volcanoes and eruptions. I'm currently working as a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the University of Liverpool, where I investigate the role of friction in volcanic environments, including the ascent of highly viscous magma, the stability of volcanic edifices and the transport of energetic flows.

My areas of research include: the frictional properties of volcanic rocks and magma; explosive-effisive transitions; complex magma rheology; the geomagnetic properties of volcanic fault rocks; evolution of magma permeability during deformation; the seismic signals of rock failure and slip; porosity-permeability evolution during sintering; rock and magma fracture and healing.

Personal Distinctions

  • Outstanding Young Scientist, GMPV Division (EGU 2016)
  • Invited Talk and Award Presentation (Keynote Speech, EGU 2016)
  • Department Seminar (Invitation to Speak, University of East Anglia 2016)
  • Anglo-Japanese Collaborative Award (Daiwa Foundation 2016)
  • Invited talk (Invitation to Speak, EGU 2015)
  • Registration Grant for IUGG in Prague, Czech Republic (IUGG 2015)
  • Registration Grant for IAVCEI in Kagoshima, Japan (IAVCEI 2013)
  • Department Seminar (Invitation to Speak, University of Liverpool 2013)
  • Invited Talk (Invitation to Speak, EGU 2013)
  • Travel Grant Award for Goldschmidt in Montreal, Canada (Goldschmidt 2012)
  • Registration Grant for CoV7 in Colima, Mexico (Cities on Volcanoes 7 2012)
  • Teaching Assistantship (DAAD 2012)
  • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, Universidad de Colima, Mexico 2012)
  • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 2012)

Administrative Roles

  • Coordinator of Volcanology in Liverpool social media @VolcanoLiver
  • Volcanology in Liverpool website content manager
  • Supervisor of the experimental Volcanology Facilities

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