Photo of Dr Jackie Kendrick

Dr Jackie Kendrick Ph.D

Honorary Research Associate Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences


Personal Statement

I work in rock mechanics with applications to volcanology and geothermal energy, and I am an avid field geologist. I'm a former Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the University of Liverpool, and now honorary Research Associate.

My areas of research include: the frictional properties of volcanic rocks and magma; explosive-effisive transitions; complex magma rheology; the geomagnetic properties of volcanic fault rocks; evolution of rock and magma permeability during deformation; the seismic signals of rock failure and slip; porosity-permeability evolution during sintering or deformation; rock and magma fracture and healing etc.

Prizes or Honours

  • Outstanding Young Scientist, GMPV Division (EGU, 2016)
  • Anglo-Japanese Collaborative Award (Daiwa Foundation, 2016)
  • Registration Grant for IUGG in Prague, Czech Republic (IUGG, 2015)
  • Registration Grant for IAVCEI in Kagoshima, Japan (IAVCEI, 2013)
  • Travel Grant Award for Goldschmidt in Montreal, Canada (Goldschmidt, 2012)
  • Registration Grant for CoV7 in Colima, Mexico (Cities on Volcanoes 7, 2012)
  • Teaching Assistantship (DAAD, 2012)