How can we help you get a Fellowship?

We will help you prepare as well as possible for the application by guiding you through the following stages using expertise gained from writing our own applications and/or serving on evaluation panels.

Preparing a competitive CV

The track record of the candidate is a key component of any fellowship application. By critically assessing your CV, we can advise you on which schemes you are currently competitive for and suggest what is needed to strengthen it in order to make success more likely. We can also advise on which elements are the most important to develop and emphasise in the final application.

Arranging a visit to Liverpool

Another vital ingredient in a strong fellowship application is the rationale behind the choice of institution. If you are serious about obtaining a fellowship in the School of Environmental Sciences then we can arrange, and potentially fund, an informal visit to discuss the application. This will provide the opportunity to develop your proposal and application by interacting with our present staff and viewing for yourself the first-class facilities and environment that we offer.

Writing an excellent proposal

The writing of good grant applications is a very specific skill that improves with practise.  We will provide advice on the posing of the scientific question and the outline of the project activities. Most importantly, by providing peer review and feedback on several versions of the manuscript, we can help you to iteratively progress towards the submission of an excellent manuscript. 

Interview Preparation

Fellowship interviews are always daunting but feeling well-prepared can mean the difference between success and failure. We will provide you with the opportunity to present, obtain feedback on, and refine your presentation, several times if necessary. We can also arrange a mock interview where you will receive actual questions asked in previous fellowship panel interviews.