Matthew Alexander

Thesis title: Gender and Gender Relations in the Works of David Foster Wallace

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Biography: Matthew started part-time PhD research in 2013, with a focus on gender and gender relations in the works of David Foster Wallace, and during this time has conducted several research visits to the David Foster Wallace archive at University of Texas, Austin. Matthew also works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant within the English Department, taking tutorials and seminars.

Teaching and Learning: ENGL111 Literature in Time; ENGL113 Ways of Reading; ENGL331 Modern American Fiction; ENGL727 Postmodernism 

Conference Papers (External): North West Gender Conference (2014), Lancaster University; 50 Years of Sexism (2016), Durham University 

Publications: “On the Notion of 'Failure' in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest” (2017); “David Foster Wallace and Repressive Taboos” (2017); “Engaging with David Foster Wallace’s Hideous Men” (2016); “Queer and Transgender Representation, and the Queering of Language in the Works of David Foster Wallace” (2014)

Interests: Matthew also has a personal interest in animal rights and participates as an online activist, and is currently finding ways to incorporate this aspect of his life into his research, forming an intersectional approach that is opening up new possibilities for considering Wallace’s work.

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Supervisors: Emeritus Professor David Seed; Dr. David Hering