Emily Stevenson

Thesis Title: ‘To incorporate into one body torn and scattered limbs’: Re-contextualising Principal Navigations within the networks of Richard Hakluyt

Supervisors: Professor Nandini Das and Dr Michael Davies

Biography: Emily’s research focuses on reconstructing the networks (textual and social) surrounding Richard Hakluyt, the editor of Principal Navigations, a major text in the history of Elizabethan travel and later narratives of English empire. Her thesis will work on deconstructing the text into its constituent documents and conducting close textual analysis on these within the context of network analysis. She previously studied at the University of Warwick (BA English Literature) and King’s College London (MA Early Modern English Literature: Text and Transmission) and is a member of the TIDE project (Travel, Transculturality and Identity in England 1550-1700) within the University.

Research Interests: sixteenth and early seventeenth century travel narratives; network theory; sixteenth century English trade; early modern mercantile women; nationhood and empire narratives; early modern letters; early Jacobean theatre.

Publications & Conference papers:

‘‘and Virginia gives the fifth’: Mapping Richard Hakluyt in Virginia’, PGR Conference at Liverpool, May 2018

Review of ‘Coryate’s Crudities’, English Studies, November 2018

Social media/blog@emilylsteve on Twitter, http://www.tideproject.uk/ and @ERC_TIDE for the TIDE project