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House of Memories - App

Methods of Engagement

New methods of engagement include moving pre-COVID provision online. Accessed through the NML website and through the App. 

Communication strategy

New routes to engagement include email and expanded use of the the 'My House of Memories' app. 33,000 people downloaded the app across many different partnerships. We also made us of our steering group which involves local authorities who have links to neighbourhood networks.

Information was shared through an electronic newsletter, an e-newsletter, and sending the link to all of our 400 partners which they could use to sign up and join in in zoom, as well as navagite through the app. We upload activity for the day, and particiapants can tap in and out of the things that interest them making this platform user led. 


Creating an online version of the House of Memories meant taking all the best of what was done in the venue and creating an online workshop space.

Support was offered to people so they could be confident using the app and using the programmes that have been designed.This space became a way for established networks that were already connecting before COVID restrictions to engage with an online experience so NML could support people to be confident to use the app, and to use the resources being developed.



Participant type

Mixed (Established and New)

Participation/take up

+67% uptake in downloads of app from online app stores since lockdown started

Sustainability of provision/plans for sustainability

Established programme - moved online during COVID restrictions.