Conference Presentations

Authentic and Simplified Texts ‌ Saadia Gamir 
Authentic Texts, Teacher Talk and Language Pedagogy Rod Ellis
Authenticity in Materials Development: Principles and Procedures Brian Tomlinson
Authenticity in Spoken Discourse Sofia Martinho
Authenticity in Teacher Development Maggie Milne
Corpora: A Key Part of a Materials Writer’s Toolkit Julie Moore
Determining whether L2 Materials are Authentic in Source and Purpose L Junia Ngoepe
Developing TV Drama Corpus-Informed English Vocabulary Materials for Elementary Hiroya Tanaka
Educationalists Evaluating the Materials they Produce Dr Tony Waterman
From Authentic Texts to Authentic Language Practice Ivor Timmis
How Genuine is Authenticity? Alan Maley
I'll Miss You, Miss. Authentic Classroom Interaction through Film  Isabella Seeger
Introducing Curriculum Authenticity Basma Bouziri
Language Materials for ICC Carlos Rico Troncoso PhD
Scaffolding L2 Mastery in Subject-Specific Academic Literacy Interventions

Adelia Carstens

Soap Operas as Models of Authentic Conversations

Christian Jones

Real Life Like Communicative Behaviour

Asma Aftab

 Authenticity 2.0

Freda Mishan