International Opportunities

Working or volunteering abroad is a great way to gain new experiences and become more employable. Many graduate employers work across borders and are looking for students who have a global outlook, have developed cultural awareness and are able to work with people from different backgrounds.

The following section shows where you can find out more about opportunities or work abroad. 

The Careers & Employability Service can also provide further help and information on this. Thie service also provides useful links and information for international students looking to work back in their home country. You can also search our vacancies database at  which often advertises opportunities abroad.

International Volunteering

Volunteering abroad is an excellent way of making a real difference to people’s lives whilst discovering new cultures and developing skills relevant to becoming more employable. Students in the past have done teaching abroad, been involved in environmental projects and also been involved in arts related projects.

However, it is important to consider a number of factors such as costs and potential risks when considering opportunities abroad as well as making sure you do your research on the opportunities out there.

The Careers & Employability Service has provided a useful leaflet on this which provides information on planning and preparing for volunteering abroad.

There are a number of useful websites which give further information on working abroad and can help you find possible opportunities. These include:

International Internships

Many students consider doing internships or work experience abroad. There are a range of opportunities from multinational employers or smaller employers offering summer internships or one-year placements to opportunities through placement organisations which help facilitate overseas work experience opportunities often involving a service charge. The type of work can range from office-based work to English language teaching to summer camp jobs.

To find out more visit the Careers and Employability Service’s page on Working while Studying and Volunteering Abroad. You can also search opportunities through the University’s Career Service vacancy database, Careerhub.

Here are some examples of organisations which offer internships abroad. They are not endorsed by the University but give you an idea of what is available.

International Careers Opportunities

If you are considering career opportunities abroad or are an international student, there are lots of resources that can help you. The ones listed below give further information on what to consider and also give specific country profiles giving information on finding work in particular countries and what to consider.

You can also search opportunities through the University’s Career Service vacancy database, Careerhub.