Courses for Government

The English Language Centre works with governments and sponsorship bodies to provide courses for professional development, as well as preparation for further study.

We are particularly well placed to offer courses for government officials seeking to add to their international experience.  With globally recognised academic departments such as Law, Planning, Politics and Public Health there are impressive opportunities to engage with current thinking.  And with links to regional government and police, combined with modules in specific language development or cultural studies, the ELC can offer a tailored experience that ensures both successful communication and first-hand experience of UK policy.

Student reading at Library

As well as academic input, The ELC has connected clients with MPs, the Houses of Parliament, City Counsellors and members of the Police Force, and enjoys good relations with local government.  We are constantly expanding our network of experts and can incorporate this first-hand experience into our courses.

Modules in Cultural studies and specially selected trips and events can be included, for example a study of the UK political landscape combined with a trip to the House of Commons and an audience with a Merseyside Member of Parliament.

Different governmental departments have different needs and expectations from their staff so we encourage you to make contact and begin to create your ideal course, whether using our modular approach or in creating something unique to your organisation.

The ELC can offer courses to suit most requirements. Most courses are made up of one or more of the following modules:

Core module Choose one or more of these additional modules
General English Improvement Specific Subject Related Study (in conjunction with academic departments) English for Specific Purposes Individual Library research Cultural Studies Additional Social Programme activities