English Language Support for International Research Students

Semester 1, 2017-18

English Language Support classes will generally start in week 2 and run until Week 9 of Semester 1.

Thesis Writing Classes for International researchers in EITHER Science, Medicine & Engineering OR Humanities & Social Sciences

Thesis Writing classes focus on the purpose and language use of the various chapters typically making up a thesis in a particular discipline. In this way, participants will be able to develop a better sense of how a thesis might develop from chapter to chapter. Sessions include the analysis of text from completed theses and published research articles, as well as exercises designed to develop use of vocabulary and grammatical accuracy. There is also an opportunity to examine samples of your own writing in 1:1 tutorials. 

Students can join at any point and attend for any length of time, thus having the opportunity to develop their language skills over the longer term.   However, please note that material covered in Semester 1 may be repeated from the previous year as students may find it useful to revisit an area covered previously at different stages of their study.

All registered PGR students will receive an email with timetable information about these classes by early October.  If you have not received this email by 3rd October or have further queries, please email annafox@liverpool.ac.uk.

We also offer Writing Classes for International researchers in Health & Life Sciences at an early stage of their research (i.e. working towards MRes or in Year 1 of their PhD studies).  You do not need to register for these classes; simply go along with your ID card.




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