The Course

The Activate English course will help you improve all aspects of your English language with an emphasis on communication skills, but will particularly help you become comfortable using English to communicate in a variety of situations. You will do a lot of guided project work, designed to really get you using the English you know already and learn on the course. On the full-time programme you can choose whether to concentrate on skills for the IELTS test or to learn more about British culture in our unique afternoon sessions of Cultural Studies. Or you can choose to study General English in the morning, or IELTS training in the afternoon as a part time option.

Here are some examples of the areas which Activate English will help you improve in:

  • You will be able to use the English you know to communicate better after you have developed your listening and speaking skills on the Activate English course
  • You will be able to write and speak English more clearly after you have studied English grammar and pronunciation
  • You will know more English words after extending your vocabulary knowledge and developing strategies for vocabulary learning
  • You will be able to read a range of different text types and to use information from texts to talk and write about topics of interest to you
  • You will become a more independent learner by improving your study skills
  • You will understand more about British lifestyle and culture
  • You will feel better prepared to take the IELTS test (if you choose this option).

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Course components:

The table below shows the components for the Activate English course and a guide to the typical amount of time allocated to each. This allocation may vary at different times of year.

Course component

Average hours per week

Language Development

7 x 1.5hour classes per week

Intensive Listening Practice

1 x 1.5 hour class per week

IELTS Training or Language Skills and Cultural Studies

4 x 1.5 hours class per week


1 x 1.5 hours per week

Time to move between classes is built into your timetable so each hour you pay for is a full 60 minutes.