Photo of Dr Richard Potter

Dr Richard Potter MPhys (hons), MInstP, PhD

Senior Lecturer Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Eng


Smart Materials


Smart materials are a fascinating group of materials that respond to an external stimulus in a significant and exploitable fashion.

Examples of smart materials include:

- Shape memory alloys
- Piezoelectric materials
- Electrostrictive materials
- Magnetostrictive materials
- Photostrictive materials
- Magnetorheological fluids
- Electrorheological fluids
- Ferrofluids
- Biomimetic materials
- Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) - These are not strictly speaking 'Smart Materials',

Electronic and Optoelectronic materials and devices


Functional materials and the devices that utilise these are central to my teaching interests.

Major topics that I cover include:
- Semiconductor physics
- Device fabrication methods
- Materials
- Devices
- Conventional capacitors
- Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) capacitors
- p-n junctions diodes
- MOS Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETs)
- Light emitting diodes (LEDs)
- Photo-diodes
- Laser diodes

Design 2 - Group design

In this module, we set year 2 Mechanical Engineering students a design challenge at the start of the year and then get them to work through a 'Total Design' process in small groups. In recent years, we have set students design challenges relating to novel smoothie makers and kick scooters. The students have to consider a wide range of aspects of the design process including:

- Product design specification
- Market research
- Review of existing patents
- Conceptual design
- Concept selection
- Engineering science
- Detailed design
- 2D technical drawing generation
- Process selection
- Material selection

Modules for 2021-22


Module code: MATS402

Role: Module Co-ordinator


Module code: MATS315

Role: Module Co-ordinator


Module code: MATS515

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