Dr Richard Barrett

Civil Engineering and Industrial Design


Personal Statement

Richard has joined the University of Liverpool as a REader in Industrial Design, having occupied a role as Associate Head of Industrial and Automotive Design at Coventry University. This followed 3 years at Cranfield University in a pioneering role establishing their first Creative Design Centre C4D in collaboration with the University of the Arts London, a £3.5m programme funded in response to the Cox Review in 2005. Previously, Richard has occupied roles with Ford, Nissan and Herman Miller as well significant roles across Market Research agencies.

Expertise and Activities
Richard has considerable expertise in the fields of perceived quality, customer adoption, customer insight for integration in new product development. Richard has conducted numerous research studies and innovation programmes for organisations across the automotive, transportation and design sectors. These have included improving customer insight, the integration of customer data into design, policy development and infrastructure development. Richard led studies on behalf of the department of health, NHS, ‘Plugged in Places’ as well as ‘in house’ programmes for Ford, Nissan, SAIC, Electrolux and Herman Miller. Richard leads insight development in developing NPD programmes and ‘perceived quality’ initiatives across the automotive sector. In the development of EV and ZEV programmes, Richard has led significant studies for Plugged in Places and Ford to better develop programmes to facilitate ’early adoption’ and ‘early mass adoption’ of new behaviours and technologies.

Richard has also developed programmes/NPD processes at OEM level to ensure capture and integration of Customer data in response to PQ (Perceived Quality) in order to drive innovation and adoption of innovation. These are now established proprietary methodologies within a number of Automotive OEM’s.

Richard works closely with LowCVP, sits on the Members Council and is an elected chair of the Passenger Car group. Richard is working with LowCVP and other bodies and Institutions on two disinct programmes of work: WLTP and the UK's transition; Setting conditions for the development of a market for L-Category vehicles.