Photo of Dr Owain Pedgley

Dr Owain Pedgley BSc PhD SFHEA

Honorary Research Fellow in Industrial Design School of Engineering


Personal Statement

Alongside my Industrial Design colleagues, my responsibility within the School of Engineering at the University of Liverpool centres on the development of high quality industrial design research and education. My principal areas of research - spanning materials and design, digital simulation technologies, and musical instrument design - share a common concern of 'Design for Interaction' (DfI) and enrichment of 'User eXperience' (UX). At the centre of this are ways of making products more appealing, meaningful, rewarding, etc. I am experienced in, and a firm advocate of, strategies for uniting design practice with academic research practice (Bruce Archer termed this as ‘research through design’). This kind of research involves the design of products, services, systems etc. as a means to probe and answer academic research questions. My own PhD (1999) has been used as a reference source for early good practice in the approach, notably as part of an AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK) review.