Photo of Prof Ken Badcock

Prof Ken Badcock

Pro Vice Chancellor School of Engineering


Research Grants
  • Aeroelastic Gust Modelling (AEROGUST).
  • Future Fast Aeroelastic Simulation Technologies (FFAST)
  • Enabling Certification by Analysis (Ecerta)
  • High fidelity store release simulation
  • DARP: Unsteady Aerodynamic Prediction and Simulation for Airtime and Turbomachinery Applications (PUMA) DARP
  • Aerodynamic performance of Iced Aerofoils.
  • Visiting fellowship for the investigation of aspects of vortex breakdown onset and hysteresis.
  • International Exercises on Validation of Delta Wind Simulation.
  • Nonlinear Flexibility Effects on Flight Dynamics and Control of Next-Generation Aircraft
  • Investigation of Coaxial Indeterminate-Origin Nozzles for Jet-Mixing Enhancement and Flow Control Purposes
  • Nonlinear Active Vibration Suppression in Aeroelasticity
  • High performance computing for high fidelity, multi-disciplinary analysis of flow in weapon bays including store release.
  • Proposal for Support provided to Peter Hopgood’s Dstl fellowship
  • Simulating Aircraft Stability and Control Characteristics for Use in Conceptual Design (SimSAC)
  • EFE Fuselage/Wing/Pylon/Nacelle
  • Generation of Advanced Helicopter Experimental Aerodynamic Database for CFD code validation (GOAHEAD).
  • International Working Groups on CFD Validation
  • Supercomputer Resources for the UK Applied Aerodynamics Consortium.
  • Advanced aerodynamic modelling for flight dynamics applications.

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