Photo of Dr Deger Ozkaramanli

Dr Deger Ozkaramanli PhD

Lecturer in Industrial Design Civil Engineering and Industrial Design


Personal Statement

Deger Ozkaramanli is a lecturer and an early career researcher at the University of Liverpool. She studied Design for Interaction at Delft University of Technology and received her M.Sc. degree with a thesis focusing on designing long-term goal engagement using emotional dilemmas (2010). She also holds a M.Sc. Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami (2007). In her PhD research, she investigated the potential of dilemmas as a starting point to design user-relevant products and services (March 2017, Delft University of Technology).

Deger has published in influential design journals such as the International Journal of Design and Design Issues, and contributed to peer-reviewed conference proceedings such as the International Conference on Design and Emotion and Design Research Society Conference. She is a member of Delft Institute of Positive Design, which investigates the contribution of design to human flourishing and happiness.

Since February 2016, Deger has been continuing her research on dilemma-driven design at the University of Liverpool. In addition to research, she coordinates teaching activities in two design modules and mentors individual design projects.

Personal Motto: A challenge for happiness is embracing the loss that comes with every gain.