Centre for Engineering Sustainability

This developing research centre reflects demand for sustainable engineering solutions that mitigate global problems such as climate change and declining natural resources.

As an elite research-led Russell Group University we are focusing considerable investment on this field and actively seeking to expand our research team.

Our 4 current areas of research are:-

Renewable energy

We are developing novel renewable energy concepts with colleagues in Physics and Chemistry, under the auspices of the Stephenson Institute.

Risk and uncertainty in engineering

With colleagues in the Institute for Risk & Uncertainty, we are creating new predictive modelling techniques, such as stochastics, to factor unknowns (such as extreme natural events) into sustainable design decision-making.

Sustainable manufacturing

As part of a wider sustainable design agenda we are investigating ways to develop and manufacture products more sustainably. Topics include designing for waste reduction and identifying minimal waste reprocessing methods for reuse of by-products.

Sustainable Transport Infrastructure Materials

We are active in research in low energy materials for transport infrastructure; use of waste, recycled and secondary products in road construction; and sustainable asphalt materials.  Projects include durability of low-energy asphalt with by-products. 

If you are an academic, organisation or postgraduate student with interests in engineering sustainability please contact us to discuss research opportunities.