Centre for Engineering Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

The Computational Fluid Dynamics group focuses on the development of CFD methods and their application to multi-disciplinary challenges in the design and operation of civil and high performance military aircraft,
rotorcraft, wind turbines, propellers, missiles. Furthermore, methods for aero-elastic and aero-mechanic analysis of fixed-wing and rotorcraft as well as investigations into flow control, jet flows and supersonic flows among the activities of the Lab.

Our work includes the pioneering application of CFD concepts to rotary wing aircraft and we have created the AgustaWestland Advanced Rotorcraft Centre with AgustaWestland, to support this and other rotorcraft projects.

To help shape the next generation of aerospace vehicles we are researching and developing multiphysics simulations with which to understand complex flows such as hypersonic rarefied flow and nano-scale fluid flows.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory facilities and services

  • Access to in-house parallel computer clusters of approx. 1000 CPU cores and to National Computer Facilities (HPCx, HECToR, BlueJoule/Hartree, Archer)
  • Cutting edge CFD methods which are constantly refined and encompass block-structured mesh, unstructured-mesh and mesh-less methods
  • Particle-based methods for flow simulation at molecular scale and for low-speed vortical flows have been developed
  • Development of CFD methods based on kinetic Boltzmann equations
  • Expertise in parallel code development and exploitation of parallel computing or problem-solving