Framework for Supply Chain 4.0


The modern supply chain is growing and becoming more complex meaning that communication and data exchange is key to understanding the current state of business activity. The emergence of “disruptive technologies” such as cloud engineering and cyber physical systems are technologies which the supply chain is trying to implement within its processes for efficiency gains. As customer preferences and supply chain market conditions are constantly changing, along with the complexities of distributed manufacturing processes, the need for machines to maintain the quality of a finished product is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition, the ability of machines being able to self-diagnose and predict equipment wear using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is an area that is building interest as it presents opportunities for businesses to reduce overall costs and save time on maintenance. Coupled with the advancements in cloud engineering the ability to compute complex algorithms and analytics on a virtual network promises to transform the manufacturing industry. This research will aim to investigate a scientifically grounded computational framework for decision-based adaptable concurrent design, operability and reconfiguration of cyber-physical supply chain activities in cloud manufacturing networks


Mohammed Daniyaal Khan is completing his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Loughborough. He has extensive experience at working in Supply Chain environments such as working as a Quality and Improvements Engineer at Rolls-Royce Supply Chain. This was followed by a summer internship at Delphi Technologies as a Lean Engineer. His 3rd year dissertation was on Resilient Supply Chains analyzing how supply chain businesses react to external disturbances. These experiences made him focus on a career in supply chain studies and with his skills and interests in digital technologies, aims to contribute to the current advancements in Supply Chain 4.0 studies as a postgraduate student. Outside of studies he has worked as a charity volunteer in Ghana and completed his Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing studies at Leicester College to complement his work in his family property renovation business.