Postgraduate Programmes

Now that you have mastered an undergraduate body of knowledge in Design or a related field, you may wish to delve deeper and take your qualification to the next level. If your goal is to assume a management position in your company or become a future leader in your chosen field, Master level education will put you on the right path. Or perhaps you wish to become an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur in the globalized world? We will help you get there. Well, and should it be your desire to embark on an academic path in research, we would like to hear from you too. 

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Product Design and Management MSc (Eng)

The aim of this MSc programme is to provide advanced training in all major aspects of product design, from conceptual design and product modelling and prototyping to a high level of competence. This programme will train students to develop reliable, high quality products with true market appeal, within the budgets and tight timescales demanded by competitive businesses.

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