Industrial Design Society

The University of Liverpool Industrial Design Society was founded and inaugurated late 2017. Its purpose, to foster continued learning, academic and personal growth, peer mentoring and support, professional development and employability-enhancing activities across its membership aimed at helping its members reach their full potential and achieve their ambitions.

The ID Society organizes many co-curricular activities including excursions, exhibitions, industrial guest speakers, design workshops and more throughout the year. In addition, its members serve as student ambassadors during Open Days, take prospective students and their parents on tours across campus, and more. Well, and like any other bunch of proper students they have lots of fun hanging out together, figuring out what classes to take or which instructors to avoid, and enjoying free pizza usually sponsored by our academic staff…

Student Activities

At present, the Industrial Design Society of Liverpool is comprised of approximately 70 active members who take part in the events organised by a small leadership team. It is open to all students in Industrial Design at the University of Liverpool. Our motto is “We are family”, and we are immensely proud to be part of a vibrant and rapidly growing student community within a Division of Industrial Design, which operates on the principles of a Learning Organization. – If you do not yet know what that means, look it up.‌‌

The current leadership is comprised of James Clarke as Founding President, Samantha Hilton as Vice President, Chris Browne as Treasurer and Rain Guangxiao Hu as Director of Design.  If you would like to learn more about the society or are interested in joining, then please feel free to get in touch.

president Vice President Treasurer Visual Designer
Founding President
James Clarke, StudIED
Vice President
Samantha Hilton, StudIED
Chris Browne, StudIED
Director of Design
Rain Guangxiao Hu, StudIED

Academic Year


Vice President

2017-18 Mr James Clarke (Founding P) Ms Charlotte Mears (Founding VP)