Past PhD Students


Sevcan Yardim-Sener

Design for luxury automotive HMI systems and driver experiences

My primary research goal is to improve car HMI to deliver a “luxury driving experience” by taking an integrated approach that coordinates and combines previously distributed HMI components in a more fluid and flexible way.

Lead Supervisor: Dr Mark White; Co-Supervisor: Prof Owain Pedgley

Guzin Sen 

Empowering Front-Seat Passenger: Design and Prototyping of Luxury Infotainment Interactions through Simulation

My research aims to investigate the link between luxury user experience and new front-seat passenger infotainment interactions through interaction prototyping with virtual reality simulation. This PhD project is conducted in collaboration with Virtual Engineering Centre

Supervisors: Dr Mike Jump, Co-Supervisor: Prof Bahar Sener-Pedgley

Mohamed Mourad (at University of Bath)

An Interoperability Framework for Cloud Manufacturing

This research focuses on adopting an interoperability framework for cloud manufacturing systems. The overarching aim is to investigate interoperability in the context of cloud manufacturing to identify the key parameters that determine whether or not a change-over from traditional cloud manufacturing to interoperable cloud manufacturing is financially viable for a given scenario of service providers and manufacturing orders to be processed.

Co-Supervisors:  Prof D Schaefer, Prof. S. Newman (University of Bath), Dr A. Nassehi (Lead; University of Bristol), Dr A. Shokrani (University of Bath).

Yonghun Lim (at Brunel university London)

Psychosocial Inclusivity in Design – Towards A Definition and Framework for Psychosocially Inclusive Design

A PhD research focused on exploration, investigation and definition of psychological, social and ideological aspects of inclusivity – beyond physical accessibility. This research is of an exploratory nature and first of its kind to aim for defining and deconstructing non-physical aspects of inclusivity through design. The deliverables will be a working definition and a set of dimensions of inclusive design, investigated in the context of DALs, specifically mobility and shopping.

Lead Supervisor:  Dr Farnaz Nickpour

Kittichai Kasemsarn (at Brunel university London)

A Framework for Inclusive Digital Storytelling for cultural Tourism in Thailand

This PhD research adopts an interdisciplinary approach to increase diversity and motivation in cultural tourism in Thailand. Two distinct disciplines of Inclusive Design (to increase diversity) and Digital Storytelling (to increase motivation) are adopted and a framework for inclusive digital storytelling is created, aiming to address barriers and drivers to Thai cultural tourism for Thai people.

Lead Supervisor:  Dr Farnaz Nickpour