Current PhD Students

Hannah L Forbes

Social Product Development - A Framework for Innovation and Design Engineering in the Socio-sphere

My primary research goal is to devise a systematic framework for Social Product Development (SPD) that effectively and reliably incorporates new paradigms such as Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding and Mass Collaboration into the industrial New Product Development and Innovation process.    

 Lead Supervisor: Prof D Schaefer

Guzin Sen

Empowering Front-Seat Passenger: Design and Prototyping of Luxury Infotainment Interactions through Simulation

My research aims to investigate the link between luxury user experience and new front-seat passenger infotainment interactions through interaction prototyping with virtual reality simulation. This PhD project is conducted in collaboration with Virtual Engineering Centre

Supervisors: Dr Mike Jump, Dr. Bahar Sener-Pedgley


Sevcan Yardim-Sener

Design for integrated and luxury automotive HMI via advanced digital simulation tools

My primary research goal is to improve car HMI to deliver a “luxury driving experience” by taking an integrated approach that coordinates and combines previously distributed HMI components in a more fluid and flexible way.

Lead Supervisor: Dr Mark White

 Fangzhou Dong

Fangzhou Dong (at XJTLU)

Suzhou's Tiger Hill Wedding Street: Modernity, Material Culture, and Bridal Fashion

This research project explores Chinese marriage customs in the history and at present through investigation of wedding-related material culture.  Tiger Hill Wedding Dress Street in Suzhou is one of the developed wedding markets in China, attracting national customers to prepare for their wedding.  Through exploration of material culture, bridal fashion and technologies in the context of modern society, the future of Chinese wedding ritual will be created and discussed.

Lead Supervisor: Dr Sara Sterling (XJTLU), Co-Supervisors: Dr Derrick Tate (XJTLU), Prof. Dirk Schaefer

 Tianjo Ma

Tianjo Ma

Stimulating Informed New Vehicle Decisions: A Study to Set Conditions for Adoption of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles in the UK

Delivering new emission data (WLTP) to extend influence and accelerate understanding of the UK government, consumers, automotive markets, across automotive sectors.

Lead Supervisor: Dr Richard Barrett

Jifu Zuo

Jifu Zuo

Investigation of Passenger Developments in Response to the Initiation of Clean Air Zones (Ultra Low Emission Zones) and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles: Low Emission Infrastructure and Vehicle Decisions.

This study will explore the currently available data to build a coherent framework for analysing how different groups (planners, developer and users) are able to use the same terms of reference or measurements in order to create intelligent, integrated transport systems that work across multiple forms of transport to improve air quality and make the UK the forefront of developing new Intelligent Mobility products and services. In addition it will be investigated how the improved urban mobility can influence customers’ experience.

Lead Supervisor: Dr Richard Barrett

M Bause

Melania Bause

Health 4.0: Design of Smart Healthcare Systems

Over the next few years is it likely to fundamentally change how healthcare is delivered and how the outcomes are measured. The focus on collaboration, coherence, and convergence will make healthcare more predictive and personalised. My primary research goal is to investigate how smart healthcare systems and product service-systems of the future can be designed effectively and efficiently.    

 Lead Supervisor: Prof D Schaefer

Mohammed Al Yami

Mohammed Al Yami

Cloud Computing Impact on IT Governance: Towards Enhancing Public Sector Organization’s Performance

Governments are incessantly looking for new ways to enhance their processes and to provide better services. Cloud computing has revolutionized the way in which technology is used to enhance the performance of organizations and its public sector service applications. The main goal of this research is to propose a framework that can help policy makers in public organizations to determine the fitness and viability of their cloud computing infrastructures and to improve their IT governance to effectively enhance their performance.    

 Lead Supervisor: Prof D Schaefer

Cara O'Sullivan

Towards a Design Framework for The Future of Paediatric Assistive Mobility; An Interdisciplinary Investigation into Personalised Health and Human Centred Design

This study intends to holistically explore and map optimal experiences and outcomes for all stakeholders involved in paediatric assistive mobility, with the purpose of creating a blueprint to steer and facilitate future interventions in product, technology and service innovations. This research is conducted in collaboration with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital through a scholarship from The Hugh Greenwood Legacy for Children’s Health Research.

Lead Supervisor: Dr F Nickpour

Past PhD Students