Best Paper Award 2019 - Cloud manufacturing: Strategic vision and state-of-the-art: co-author Professor Dirk Schaefer - Jnl of Manufacturing Systems (JMS)

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The Journal of Manufacturing Systems (JMS) Lihui Wang, SME, and Elsevier have announced that ‘Cloud manufacturing: Strategic vision and state-of-the-art’, published in October 2013, has won the 2019 Best Paper Award.  Authors: Dazhong Wu, Matthew John Greer, David W. Rosen, and Dirk Schaefer

The Best Paper Award is to be presented each year to the JMS paper published in the past seven years with the highest number of citations measured in Scopus over the past five years. Many congratulations on winning the inaugural award!

The award certificate will be presented during the award ceremony at NAMRC each year.

Congratulations on this great achievement!