A Message from the Head of Division

‌Welcome to the Division of Industrial Design at the University of Liverpool and thank you for visiting our websites.  Please take a few minutes to view this informative video on Industrial Design at Liverpool.  As you keep browsing our websites, you will find more details on the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes we offer, our academic staff, and the research we conduct.

Here at Liverpool, we believe that good design is a transdisciplinary synthesis of human-centred understanding, engineering excellence and systems innovation.  We use design to form and inform triadic relations between Design Education (building capability), Design Research (accelerating understanding), and Design Impact (extending influence).  As part of our community, you will be empowered to continually expand your capacity to create the results you truly desire, learn to explore new and expansive patterns of thinking, and experience how to set free collective aspirations. 

As educators, we seek to transform Design Education for value creation and the development of breakthrough products, systems and services in an interconnected globalized world.  Accordingly, we offer a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes aimed at equipping the workforce of near tomorrow with the knowledge, competencies, skills and versatility required to pursue ambitions, identify and address some of technological and societal grand challenges of our time, and to participate in the global value network as corporate designers, intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs.

In research, we strive to be recognized as thought leaders in advancing design and innovation in developing and emerging areas through a symbiosis of Digital Innovation, Human-Centred Design, and Systems (policy and strategy) Innovation. 

Through strategic partnerships with our key stakeholders in research, education, advisory and professional practice, we aim to secure leadership in the areas of design thinking, emerging technologies, and services that will foster the creation of highly creative design jobs and further enhance the nation’s global competitiveness and recognition as a provider of leading product-service-systems of the future.

The Division of Industrial Design operates on the principles of a Learning Organization. It facilitates the learning of its students and staff and continuously transforms itself.  In the ever-changing globalized world of today and near-tomorrow, only those that are flexible, adaptive and productive will excel. Therefore, it is our philosophy to share-to-gain rather than to compete-to-win. 

Please enjoy your visit to the Division of Industrial Design.  Connect with us further on social media and be sure to contact us with any questions.